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Driver Demo - PC

Driver Demo - PC
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File Editing

First make a backup copy of the file Mission661.dms which is located in the Driver Demo install dir then in scripts/missions/. Then open it with your favorite text editor. In the file you'll find when cops appear your damage the time and you can also change how your car looks.

To get unlimited damage take out the lines:

MaxPlayerDamage 24576 file:// 0 >40966 is range

To get unlimited time take out the lines:

DebugInfo 1
Countdown 70 file://UK 60 seconds USA 70 seconds

To Change your car replace the 0 in PlayerCarType 0 with one of the following numbers:

0 Original Car
1 Crew Cab Pickup
2 "Luxury"/Pimp Coupe
3 Sports Coupe
4 Camaro? Fast
5 Toronado
6 Nova?
7 Cadillac Sedan
8 Bonneville?
9 Chevelle?
10 L.A.P.D. Caprice Cruiser Horn activates lights and siren
11 Cadillac? Coupe
12 Firebird/Camaro Z28
13 Taxi
14 Cadillac Sedan
15 Error Do not use
16 Jaguar CrazyFast: 170
17 '55 Thunderbird CrazyFast

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