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Esoteria - PC

Esoteria - PC
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Esoteria - PC en Favori.

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Hex Cheat

Saved game files are written to folders with the same h3 as that given in the saved game slot in the path SAVEGAMESINGLE under the folder that Esoteria3 was installed into. For instance if a saved game is h3d SAVE1 and Esoteria3 was installed into C:ESOTERIA then the files for that saved game will be in C:ESOTERIASAVEGAMESINGLESAVE1. The file PLAYER.E3 in this folder holds the values for health and number of shots for the weapons.

Player health is located at hex positions 312 and 313 and 316 and 317.
The number of shots for the A.R.C. is at hex 276 and 277.
The number of shots for the Machine Gun is at hex 27A and 27B.
The number of shots for the Gyrex Cannon is at hex 27E and 27F.
The number of shots for the Missiles is at hex 282 and 283.
The number of shots for the Homing Missiles is at hex 286 and 287.
The number of shots for the Time Bombs is at hex 28A and 28B.
The number of shots for the Trigger Bombs is at hex 28E and 28F.
The number of shots for the VBombs is at hex 292 and 293.

All of these bytes can be maxed to hex FF.Note: If the above bytes are maxed out with hex FF's the game will display normallooking values but when they get down to zero they will begin a new cycle. For instance Homing Missiles display 031. Once they reach 0 they will redisplay 031.

To enable all the weapons change the bytes from hex 256 through hex 269 to 02 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 02 00 00 00.

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