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Mobil 1 Rally - PC

Mobil 1 Rally - PC
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Mobil 1 Rally - PC en Favori.

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All Cars

At the Options Menu enter the h3 'TURBO CHALLENGE' for player 4.

Various Cheats

Go to options and put the following names in for PLAYER 4 to activate cheats:

MAX POWER - Get Citroen WRC car
WORLD CLASS - Get A8 Championship unlocked
ARCADE ACTION - get surprises in arcade mode
GIVE ME TIME - Press T to get extra service time
THROW ME A BONE - Get Citroen Saxo WRC Car
ARCADE UNLIMITED - Get energy in arcade mode
TURBO CHALLENGE - Get a* cars in Single and Trial modes
GROUP B - Unlock Extra Car
MF HOTBACK - Unlock Extra Car
SPUD CAR - Unlock Extra Car
TREE HUGGER - Unlock Extra Car
LAMBAAGHINI - Unlock Extra Car
FURRY DICE - Unlock Extra Car
MOOSERATI - Unlock Extra Car
PRECIOUS THINGS - Unlock Extra Car

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