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Need For Speed 2 - PC

Need For Speed 2 - PC
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Need For Speed 2 - PC en Favori.

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Various Cheats

At the Main menu enter any of the following "Codes":o
LIMO Drive Limo
SEMI Drive Semi
ARMY TRUCK Drive Army Truck
PIONEER Get Super Engines
BUS Drive School Bus
VOLVO Drive Volvo
drive29 Monolithic Studios Bus
drive32 Fast School Bus
drive36 Hand Cart
drive37 Outhouse
drive38 TRex
drive39 Western Style Wagon
drive43 Wooden Log
drive44 Wooden Crate
drive45 Monorail
drive46 Hovering Police Car
drive47 UFO
drive48 Hovering Sewage Truck
drive49 Snowy Wooden Box
redracer Ford Indigo
slip Slippery Track

Submitted by: Reddog5464 JoeA51

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