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Nemesis of the Roman Empire - PC

Nemesis of the Roman Empire - PC
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Nemesis of the Roman Empire - PC en Favori.

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Cheat codes

During the game, hit enter then type any of the following codes to activate the cheat listed:

_black: Black screen
debugselected: Debug selected unit
usr: Describes selected unit
gaikafd: Displays green tiles over the non-objects and black tiles under objects
printmemstats: Displays memory statistics
mousepos: Displays mouse position
gmp: Displays pointer coordinates
dumpobj: Displays selected units ability
addfd: Displays white tiles all over non-object areas; black tiles over object areas
desync: Dumps desync_test.txt file
dumpfunctoxml: Dumps dump_try.xml file
quit: Exit game
exportobjs (): Exports all objects into indicated file
exportterrain (): Exports all terrain into indicated file
flatterrain: Flat terrain
pause: Pause and resume game
pr (): Print indicated string
removedecors: Remove bushes, trees, and other decorations
remfd: Reverses AddFD code
screenshot: Save .BMP format screenshot
save: Save game
spawn(,): Spawns indicated number of units
setplayer: Switches player in multi-player mode
testadventure: Tests adventure integrity
togglefog: Toggles fog of war
togglevis: Toggles houses and decorations
ttest: Translation test
ae: View level properties
advexplorer: Built-in MYTH option
rayoflight: Displays Abe ti me buzikash s tezi parametri maj,a? message
_dbgsel: Displays danger for current selection
esg: Displays information about enemy squads
settlementcount: Displays settlement count
explorer: MYTH function
shrinkentities: MYTH function
prelit: Show BuildLight() value
_toggleinvrects: Show rectangles over units
showflatterrain: Strange terrain

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