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CMT Presents: Karaoke Revolution Country - Playstation 2

CMT Presents: Karaoke Revolution Country - Playstation 2
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CMT Presents: Karaoke Revolution Country - Playstation 2 en Favori.

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Playing in any difficulty and in either quickplay or the party modes. Some Items may be gender specific.

FlatTop Cowboy Hat:
Get 1 Platinum Records

Western Cowgirl Outfit:
Get 3 Platinum Records

Western Cowboy Outfit:
Get 2 Platinum Records

Turquoise Cuff:
Get 4 Platinum Records

Brad Paisley - Celebrity:
Get 5 Gold Records

Slick Shades and Boots w/Spurs:
Get 5 Platinum Records

Garth Brooks - Friends in Low Places:
Get 6 Platinum Records

Retro Cowgirl Outfit:
Get 250,000 Total Points

Open Shirt:
Get 7 Platinum Records

Devil Girl Outfit:
Get 8 Platinum Records

Glam Tower Hair, Glam Tux & Scarf, Glam Stripes Pants, Creepers:
Get 9 Platinum Records

Rodeo Dude Outfit:
Get 10 Gold Records

A-Line Skirt:
Get 10 Platinum Records

Velvet Supreme Outfit and Top Hat:
Get 11 Platinum Records

Long Coat, Slacks, Motorcycle boots w/Socks:
Get 12 Platinum Records

Afro Hair, Cropped Pants, Armwarmers, Furry Boots:
Get 500,000 Total Points

Flames Cowboy Hat:
Get 13 Platinum Records

Enrique Character:
Get 14 Platinum Records

Handlebar Moustache:
Get 15 Gold Records

Trilby Hat:
Get 15 Platinum Records

Gym Shorts:
Get 16 Platinum Records

Diamond Bracelet:
Get 17 Platinum Records

Monique Character:
Get 750,000 Total Points

Liberty Spikes Hair, Punk Jacket, Plaid Shorts, Combat Boots, Racing Gloves:
Get 18 Platinum Records

Junior Character:
Get 20 Gold Records

Hi-Top Hair, Star Glasses, Funk Coat
Get 19 Platinum Records

Renaissance Outfit:
Get 1,500,000 Total Points

Camos w/ Scarf:
Get 20 Platinum Records

Glam jacket & Scarf, Vinyl Pants, X-Ray Specs:
Get 21 Platinum Records

Rocker Pants:
Get 22 Platinum Records

Sombrero Hat:
Get 2,000,000 Total Points

Mohawk Hair, Super Hi-Tops, Spiked Wristband:
Get 23 Platinum Records

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