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Radiata Stories - Playstation 2

Radiata Stories - Playstation 2
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Radiata Stories - Playstation 2 en Favori.

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Get Rich Fast:
Once you can reach the Troll town, head out left from the teleportation (troll town) place. When you reach a fork in the path, take the left route and look carefully for a shining bug. It is well hidden in the bushes. Rocks are also blocking your view. Kick this golden bug and fight it. It is very weak and gives 1exp however, it gives you 8888 Dagols. Do this every day (sleep and it respawns).

Gantz wearing Claude Outfit:
As you progress through the game, you will see mini events with Gantz. As it progresses, his costume will eventually change and look like Claude from Star Ocean 2. Unfortunatley, he will only use this outfit in these scenes.

Lenneth Valkyrie:
Beat the optional dungeon "Corridor of Distortion". Lenneth will join you after the battle.

SO3's Fayt Costume:
Only avalible if you chose the human side. Once youre allowed back into the castle go to Ridley's room at night. You'll see a ghost and then be teleported back to your room dressed as Fayt. You also hear a broken up message about undeveloped planet. This seems to only work at night.

Tamaki Nami mini concert:
Witness Nami's transformation and talk to her immediately in the Night and desire street during 6:00pm and she will join you. Visit the Red Lotus Bar in the same area during night time and she will perform the game opening theme "Fortune". You cannot have her in your party when visiting the Red Lotus Bar.

Unlock Ganz's Theme:
Kick the Dresser in Ganz's Room in Radiata Castle.

Unlock Jack's Theme:
Kick the Crate in Jack's House.

Unlock Ridley's Theme:
Kick the Dresser in Ridley's Room in Radiata's Castle.

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