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Shadow of Destiny - Playstation 2

Shadow of Destiny - Playstation 2
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Extra Menu

Finish the game and when you get to the start menu there will be the extra menu. You can watch the endings you've gotten, movies, and best times for the chapters.

New Ending

If you finish with all 5 regular endings a new prologue will appear and you can get the new ending

First Chapter Hints

On the first chapter you have to get all the people in town to watch the performer guyin the square so first travel threw time to the next station and ask every body to be at the square then travel back to the first time that you where in the first place then go to the square and all the people will be there and you watch the performer and when the fated hour is up the killer wont get you then after you do that go to the psychic place and talk then travel threw time again and then there you are on chapter 2

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