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Crystal Quest - XBOX 360

Crystal Quest - XBOX 360
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Gamerscore points:
Accomplish the indicated task to get Gamerscore points:
Adventure Story Complete: Successfully complete Adventure Story mode.
Adventure Story Gold: Successfully complete Adventure Story mode with all gold medals.
Eight-Port Master: Earn a gold medal in The Eight-Port Challenge scenario.
Fed And Entertained: Successfully completed Adventure Story mode Chapter 8 (Military Madness).
Friend Of Wally: Built a habitat for Wally.
Honorary Fish: Successfully complete Adventure Story mode Chapter 10 (Deja Vu).
Marksman: Successfully complete War Story mode Mission 4 (Into The Warp).
Max Power: Get Max Power to help in War Story mode Mission 6 (The Attack).
Sir Protector From Asteroids: Successfully complete the Hammer Scenario.
Survivor: Earn a gold medal in the Survival scenario.
War Story Complete: Successfully complete the War Story.
War Story Gold: Successfully complete the War Story with all gold medals.

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