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Conker: Live & Reloaded - XBOX

Conker: Live & Reloaded - XBOX
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Conker: Live & Reloaded - XBOX en Favori.

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X-Box Live Unlockables:
Achieve the following goals in Xbox Live to unlock the corresponding upgrade.

All six class medals: "Only veterans can handle this kind of language"
Get 1,000 kills in the Long Ranger class: Steadier Aim, Nimbler Reload
Get 1,000 kills in the Sky Jockey class: Quicker Targeting, Quicker Breech
Get 1,000 kills in the Demolisher class: Increased Strayfur Clip, Guided Rocket Boost
Get 1,000 kills in the Thermophile class: Recharger Boost, Thermo Weapons
Get 1,000 kills in the Sneeker class: Snoopa, Improved Cloaking
Get 1,000 kills in the Grunt class: Clip Extension, Self-Heal Overcharge
50 total kills: Avatar Pack II
500 total kills: Avatar Pack III
1,000 total kills: Avatar Pack IV
500 mobile unit kills: Bonus Avatar Pack
All six specialist medals: IR Enhance, Booster Plus, Quicker Tank Breech, Improved Hogster
2,000 healing points in the Specialist class: Enhanced Healing Speed
500 mine kills in the Specialist class: +1 Mine per loadout
500 backstabs in the Specialist class: Instant Detonate: Snoopa
500 fire damage kills in the Specialist class: Sinurator Tank Capacity Increased
500 Headshots in the Specialist class: Overcharge Power Boost
1,500 repair points in the Specialist class: Kinetic Seal, Increased Repair Efficiency
500 Marshals assassinated: +1 Primary Grenade Slot
500 Generals assassinated: +1 Secondary Grenade Slot
1,500 kills total: Projectile Color, Golden Bullets
3,000 kills total: Projectile Color, Regal Purple Bullets
4,000 kills total: Re-spawn Penalty Modifier 1/2 Reduction
1,000 VC Points: Hacking Device, Speed Chipped

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