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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - XBOX

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - XBOX
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Take points off Slytherin

When Hermione gives you the Polyjuice Potion on the second floor in the girls bahroom and you have changed yourself into Goyle, go into the Library and get caught by the Prefects deliberately and they will take points off Slytherin.

Get unlimited sickles in Diagon Alley

This cheat is simple, first you get sickles from dark barrels like the ones behind down the stairs (opposite the saving scroll) when you first get to the level. you have to shoot the barrels to get out the sickle.Next you save your place and exit.On the menu go to 'continue' and choose the same game you just had.The barrel will not be broken It will have another sickle keep doing this and you can get loads of can get stink pellets to use later in the game.I've gone to 173 sickles by doing this.

Win Broomstick

On the second day of school it tells you to go to the Quidditch practice, so go there. Now. Complete the training and get a B or higher, and the captain guy gives you a free Nimbus 2000 flying broomstick! You can fly anywhere around the school, only in day-light. You can't land anywhere except where you took off from. (Note: You can't fly in the school!)

Unlimited Bertie Blotts Every flavour beans

Ok so when you get to Hogwarts you'll need Berty blotts every flavour beans. So collect as many as you can before goin to hogwarts. try to get 50 because you need it. When you get to Hogwarts buy the Beans Bag so it can hold 100 beans. When you go out of the gryffindor tower you'll see a thing in the corner. Hit it with Flipendo and 3 beans will come out. Hit it again and no beans will come out. Now go around the corner (3 steps after the corner) then come back. Hit the thing again and then 3 beans will come out. Repeat the process and then u will be able to get Alahamora ^_^

Another way of quick beans

When you get your Nimbus 2000 you can fly above hogwarts and go through rings. A blue ring is 10 beans a yellow ring is 1 bean and a red ring is 3 and a green ring is 2.

Quick Wizard Cards

You can find fast wizard cards in the Burrow and Diagon Ally. Look for chests. And a very fast way is doin Neville's games. Mostly Broom racing. It costs beans for Racing and Gnome Tossing but it doesn't for Gnome Dunking.

Beat Proffeser Quirrel

After you've gotten past Fluffy, The Devil's Snare, The Winged Keys, Beat the Giant Chess set and gotten Past the moving potions. When proffeser Quirrel is standing on the balcony go into the door and let him talk when he is finished talking enter the super jump code get the four chocolate frogs and go into the next room.

beating level 2(getting out of blourish and botts

To get out of level two you must get the spell lumos and then go to the spot where you were you were hiding go until it gets dark then use "LUMOS" and push open the seceret door and fight the imp and then go and put them in their cages climb on one of the imp's cages and the up on the wall. Now go to the light and call for Hedwig. Now climb up the ladder and use your "LUMOS" to find the trap's in the floor and the go out the little door and when you get out go down the stairs and when you get down, there is a little gap between the boxs and the wall get close to the wall and walk along it that go down to the box grab it and pull it back, the push the button and go back to the stairs go through the opening push the button and go back to the first button that I told you about and go through the door and you just beat the level!!!

Extra treasure chests

After you learned the incendio spell, and you have got your nimbus 2000, go up in the sky, and the turn down. you will see a big open space in the middle of the castle. fly down to is then land on it. it should have all candles on it. light all of the candles with your incendio spell, and a treasure chest will appear with a famous witch or wizards card inside. you can do his numerous times on the roof of the castle! I have found 3 sets of chests on the roof in different spots. this code really works!!!!!!!

Unlimited Lives

In the chamber of secrets destroy paintings on the wall and you will open the painting and you get unlimited lives and 100 points for Gryffindor

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