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Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb - XBOX

Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb - XBOX
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Go to the press Start screen and HOLD L + R and press Up, Up, Down, Up, A, X, A, B, Up, Down, Y, Start.

How to unlock Art Gallery

Get all the artifacts in the game

First artifact

On the first level go to the water fall and go behind it and you will find the first artifact of the game.

Artifact Locations

All Artifact locations At Ceylon

Idol Of Ramba Vihara=Gates Of The Lost City
Mahavatu Mask=The Hunter's camp
Port Negombo Relic=The Palace Of Forgotten Kings.

All Artifact locations At Prague

Medallion Of Lebuse=The Library
Stochov Fragment=The Observatory
Cistercian Mask=Vega's Tower

All Artifact Locations At Istanbul

Piri Reis Manuscript=Istanbul Breakout
Ottoman Seal=The Secret Of The Mosque: Part 1
Delian Proclamation=The Sunken Palace

All Artifact Locations At Hong Kong

Tai-Tsu Mask=The Golden Lotus
Longshan Idol=The Golden Lotus: Part 2
Qianlong Plate=The Streets Of Hong Kong.

All Artifact Locations At Peng Lai Lagoon

Sancai Plate=The Secret Of Peng Lai Lagoon: Part 2
Sima Qian Shiji=Iron Cross
Tablet Of Longjiang=The U-Boat Base: Part 2.

All Artifact Locations At Peng Lai Mountain

Zhao Mo Rhyton=The High Road To Peng Lai
Gui Jian Scroll=The Infiltration
Changan Stone=The Airbase

All Artifact Locations At Black Dragon Fortress

Mask Of Cambulac=Black Dragon Fortress
Qi Marble Stela=Call To Battle
Yuan Xiang=The Tower Of Storms

Beating The Kraken

After having the Poseidon statue smash the bubbling floor, Indy goes in and finds himself with a giant squid named Kraken. The cut scene finishes with Kraken coming out of his home to have you for a snack. He doesn't go any where farther beyond the four cracked pillars (you will use them later) Kraken launches two sets of 7 yellow jellyfish who latch on to you and drag you to Kraken to feed him. Do not attack him or the jellyfish just yet. Angle Indy left and up a little you will find ground low enough to climb up to dry land. Climb up as far as you can, you will find two open boxes; each containing two demo charges (TNT).
Next to it is... BUM... BUM... BUM... BA,DUM!! The Golden speargun (aka super speargun!! With two sets of speargun ammo. Pick up the gun with the ammo and two demo charges. The golden speargun holds 300/0 which means you don't have to reload. Jump in the water and take out all the jellyfish. 1 spear per jellyfish (DONT GO INTO FIRST PERSON MODE) Fire the spear gun in 3rd person mode indy will automatically lock on to a jellyfish; you just need to press that (A) Button. When all the jellyfish are killed, quickly go into first person mode and fire a few spears at one of Krakens yellow eyes; Krakens kalamari body will contract, his eyes will close and then go into his home.
As quick as you can, go up real close to one of the front two pillars cracks and plant a demo charge by pressing the (Y) Button; quickly, go to the other front pillar and plant the other charge, a short cut scene will play for each of em (exploding). Kraken will come out and trust you away if you planted the charge at the last second. Kraken will launch another barrage of yellow jellyfish. Climb up to dry land and pick up the other two charges; jump in water, kill jellyfish, shoo Kraken away like how you did before.
Now plant the other two charges on the cracks of the two back pillars. Swim away, and wait for Kraken to come out and the charges will explode resulting all four pillars to fall down and shoo away Kraken for good. The water will drain away for some reason. Steps will creep out somewhere but it will show you in the cut scene then the artifact will come out in the cut scene. Go over to the artifact to get it the Chinese chick talks to you and takes your reward. You then go to Hong Kong. Go have some sushi! :) You've earned it, but there is still more along the way for Indiana Jones.

Magic Trick #1: Indy's Disappearing Hat

Watch Indy's hat while it's on his head; pause the game at a quiet moment, Indy's hat will disappear, unpause the game; Indy's hat reappears, Ta - Daa! This will probably work for other systems too. (Try to get a good angle because when you pause the game; the text will be in the way and you won't see Indy's hat very well)

How to beat boss at Prague: the laboratory

To beat the boss in Prague: The Laboratory is to look around at the machines and there is a machine making this acid go pick it up and throw it at the boss-guy-looney, throw about 5 at him and then theres a cut-scene where there's a stick he brakes off a machine use that to defeat him.

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