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Homeworld - PC

Homeworld - PC
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Homeworld - PC en Favori.

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Submitted by: Keith Swerling
Submitted by Scott

Various CommandLine Cheats

Start the game with any of the following commandline parameters. eg c:homeworldhomeworld.exe /debug:

/debug Enable debug window
/nodebugInt Fatal errors don't generate an int 3 before exiting

/heap Sets size of global memory heap to n
/prepath Sets path to search for opening files
/CDpath Sets path to CDROM in case of ambiguity
/freemouse Mouse free to move about entire screen at startup. Use F11 to toggle during play
/ignoreBigfiles don't use anything from bigfiles
/logFileLoads create log of data files loaded

/disableKatmai don't use KNI even if support is detected
/forceKatmai force usage of KNI even if determined to be unavailable

/noSound turn all sound effects off
/noSpeech turn all speech off
/reverseStereo swap the left and right audio channels
/waveout forces mixer to write to Waveout even if a DirectSound supported object is available
/dsound forces mixer to write to DirectSound driver even if driver reports not certified

/noBG disable display of galaxy backgrounds
/noFilter disable bilinear filtering of textures
/noSmooth do not use polygon smoothing
/nilTexture don't ever load textures at all
/NoFETextures turns off front end textures
/stipple enable stipple alpha software renderer
/noShowDamage Disables showing ship damage effects

/sw reset rendering system to defaults at startup
/fullscreen display fullscreen with software renderer default
/window display in a window
/noBorder no border on window
/640 run at 640x480 resolution default
/800 run at 800x600 resolution
/1024 run at 1024x768 resolution
/1280 run at 1280x1024 resolution
/1600 run at 1600x1200 resolution
/d16 run in 16 bits of color
/d24 run in 24 bits of color
/d32 run in 32 bits of color
/truecolor try 24bit modes before 15/16bit
/slowBlits use slow screen blits if the default is buggy
/device select an rGL device by h3 eg. sw fx d3d
/gl select default OpenGL as renderer
/d3d select Direct3D as renderer
/nohint disable usage of OpenGL perspective correction hints
/noPause don't pause when you alttab
/noMinimize don't minimize when you alttab

/noCompPlayer disable default computer players
/notactics Disables tactics
/noretreat disables the 'retreat' feature of tactics

/dockLines show dock lines
/gunLines show gun lines
/lightLines show light lines Debug only
/boxes render bounding bowties on the ships
/textFeedback enable text feedback for in game commands

/aiplayerLog enable AI Player Logging
/determCompPlayer makes computer players deterministic
/gatherStats enable gathering of stats
/showStatsFight to show stats fight ij

/captaincyLogOff turns off captaincy log file
/captaincyLogOn turns on captaincy log file
/logOff turns of network logging file
/logOn turns network logging file on
/logOnVerbose turns verbose network logging file on
/statLogOn generates game stats log file
/intOnSync Generates an Int 3 when a sync error occurs
/syncDump X size of SyncDumpWindow Y granularity in universe Frames
/debugSync autosaves game frequently records packets logonverbose
/forceLAN allow LAN play regardless of version

/testNIS enables NIS testing mode using nisFile
/testNISScript enables NIS testing mode using scriptFile

/demoRecord record a demo
/demoPlay play a demo
/packetRecord record packets of this multiplayer game
/packetPlay play back packet recording

/disablePacking don't use the packed textures if available

/smCentreCamera centres the SM world plane about 000 rather than the camera
/closeCaptioned close captioned for the hearing impared

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