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Downhill Domination - Playstation 2

Downhill Domination - Playstation 2
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Unlock many cheats

press-up, triangle, down, X, left, O, right, square, during gameplay. A message will appeaar that says cheats unlocked. Now you can enter a code below:

Super Bounce

During game play press- left, square, X, up, triangle.

Super Bunny-hop

During game play press- up, X, left, square, up.


During game play press- down, triangle, square, square, up.

Mega Flip

During game play press- right, up, up, right, right, square.

Combat Upgrade

During game play press- up, down, left, left, right.

Energy Restore

During game play press- down, right, right, left, left.

Adrenaline Boost

During game play press- down, left, , left, right.

Upgrade to Bottle

During game play press- up, down, left, left, right, right

Stoke Trick Meter

During game play press- down, left, left, right, right

Combat Mode

During game play press- Left, Square, Circle, Square, Left

Get $5,000

During game play press- Right, Up, Up, Circle, Circle, Square


Go through the Black Diamond gates(follow them in a row) to earn a little extra cash.

Punch, kick, check, throww bottles and whack opponents with a stick to earn more cash.

Easy Money

In one player freeride use anti graviety and super bunny hop cheats and do wheelies and stoppies for 10,000 points then do the super tricks with combos.
Submitted by Mike and Kal

Get Easy Money

Go to 2 player and do a single event (it doesn't matter if you have a second player or not). Choose any rider and course. Do the race but make sure you don't get 1st place. Make sure that the second player doesn't cross the finish line. Then just beat everybody up that's there with your attack and once you think you have enough combat points just get the second player to the finish.

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