Okami - Playstation 2

Okami - Playstation 2
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Control loading screens:
At the loading screen that features a trail of paw prints and a picture of Issun, press X to make the paw prints larger. On other loading screens, repeatedly pressing X will display paw prints. You can also add Demon Fangs to your inventory by pressing X on the longer loading screens. Press X over screens that feature a trail of paw prints until Issun appears. Big paw prints and a Demon Fang will appear. Quickly press X as fast as possible until a Demon Fang appears to add it to your inventory.

Earn Demon Fangs:
Demon Fangs can be used as currency to purchase some of the best items in the game. Here are the methods by which you can collect them.

Finishing Moves:
After defeating an enemy, it'll hurl upwards in a slow motion death throw. Execute the right brush technique on the enemy during this animation to earn a demon fang. For imps, perform a Power Slash. For bud ogres, perform Bloom.

Well-Timed Counter:
When you're able to equip a reflector instrument as a secondary weapon, you can perform counters on enemies as they attack you. If your timing is perfect, you'll earn a demon fang.

Golden Fury:
Use the Golden Fury attack--learned from the sensei in Shinshu Field--to knock out one demon fang from each enemy you fight.

Load Screens:
During load screens, press X to earn fangs. On screens with paw prints along the bottom, tap X in time with the paws that appear (making them larger). On screens with prints in the center, mash X rapidly to fill the screen with 50 prints to earn a demon fang.

Instant Kill Parry Attack:
When you first get the Devout Beads divine instrument, set them as your primary weapon and move your reflector to your secondary weapon. You can then perform a parry move by pressing TRIANGLE during combat. Time the parry just before an enemy attack hits you and you'll counter with a pile driver that kills many enemies instantly.

Find all 100 Stray Beads.

Kamic Returner:
Complete the game once.

Kamic Transformer 1:
Complete the game once.

Kamic Transformer 2:
Complete the game once.

Kamic Transformer 3:
S-Rating for "Deaths".

Kamic Transformer 4:
S-Rating for "Enemies Defeated".

Kamic Transformer 5:
S-Rating for "Money Gained".

Kamic Transformer 6:
S-Rating for "Demon Fangs Found".

Kamic Transformer 7:
S-Rating for "Praise Earned".

Kamic Transformer 8:
S-Rating for "Praise Earned".

Kamic Transformer 9:
S-Rating for "Praise Earned".

Loading screen demon fangs trick:
There are two loading screens in Okami: The first one is a trail of paw prints followed by a picture of Issun, you can make the paw prints bigger by pressing X a little bit before they appear. The second is a screen where pressing X multiple times will place a number of paw prints on the screen. On particularly long loading sessions one can attain demon fangs. By carefully pressing X on the "trail" loading screen all the way through where you would normally see Issun, you will see big paw prints and a demon fang. The second type press X as fast as you can until you see a demon fang. Each time you do this correctly those demon fangs will be added to your inventory.

New Game+:
After the end of the credits at the end of the game, you are asked to save for a new game. All weapons except the 5th of each type transfer over. Peace Bell, Lucky Cat, Wood Mat, and Ink Pot are the only Holy Artifacts that transfer over. Brush techniques do not transfer over. Stats do transfer over.

Okami Jukebox:
Complete the game once.

Pee on Your Enemies:
Purchase the Golden Fury attack from the sensei at Shinshu Field. The move costs 100,000 Yen, but it's well worth it--Golden Fury lets you pee on your opponents for damage.

Secret Theatre:
More than 31 hours of play time.

Stray Bead:
Complete the game once.

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