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Splashdown - XBOX

Splashdown - XBOX
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Cheat menu

At the options screen
Hold R and press up, up, left, right, left, right,X,A,X,A
If done correctly an enter cheat screen will appear.

Type in following codes:

TopBird - Stay on watercraft
Passport - All levels
F18 - Race F18 in time trials
Festival - All ending FMV sequences
IBelieve - Race UFO in time trials
AllChar - All charcters
Hobble - Normal AI on Hard
AllOutAI - Very Hard AI
LaPinata - All Wetsuits
PMeterGo - Max performance meter
SEADOO - Play sea trials against ghosted current selected player

Get Steve & Bermuda Triangle Level

Finish the game 1 time using the hard difficulty setting

Hidden Area

On Level 11 go intil u see a down, go underwater, and you will be in the secret area!!!!

Ending bonus

Successfully complete the game on the hard difficulty setting to unlock Steve as a playable character and the Bermuda Triangle level.

Hidden track

Collect 100 balloons in countdown mode.

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